Google will be releasing a new version of Android. The official name of the system has not yet been released. However, it has been referred to as Android P. Rumor has it that the new device will be called the Android Pi, but Google has not confirmed this.

Google has not stated when the Android P will be released. However, new Android systems have always been released in the spring in the past. Many people believe that the system will be first released in March. They also believe that everyone will be able to get it in August.

Google has not said what type of features will come with the Android P. However, the company may have hinted that it will block undocumented and unverified APIs. The company had already stated that APIs will be blocked in the future. Google also did not state what the Android P will look like.

However, people are making predictions based on previous versions of Android. They believe that some features will likely be left behind. Some phones will have the features as soon as the Android P is released. Other people will have to wait several months in order to get the features.

While you are waiting for the Android P, you can take advantage of the One Plus Switch app. This is an app that makes it easy for you to store important information. As long as you have an Android 6.0 or above, you can take advantage of this new app. You will need to set up your phone and download the One Plus Switch app. You will have to install the app on both of your phones. You will be able to use this app to transfer contacts, audio, video, pictures, applications, call logs, messages, calendars and other files from your phone.