If you haven’t been living under a rock over the last year, the odds are good that you are at least aware of the great work that Nintendo has been doing with the Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch has easily become one of the most impressive gaming consoles in recent memory thanks to its seamless blend of innovative controls and rock-solid technology. Now, gamers are embracing the Nintendo Switch in order to go back to their roots with retro gaming. The key to enjoying retro gaming on the Nintendo Switch comes by way of using the SN30 Pro wireless controller.

The SN30 Pro is just one of the latest custom peripherals to be released for the Nintendo Switch and it honestly might be one of our favorites. The SN30 Pro is built by 8Bitdo and it looks to emulate the old Super Nintendo controllers that we were so used to as kids. The SN30 Pro is built like a mixture between the old PS DualShock and the conventional SNES controller while still sticking to the traditional roots that we are used to. Rather than feeling like a modern update of the old controller we were so used to, the SN30 Pro feels and plays just like the old controller we remember putting to good use.

The Nintendo Switch has been well received for its iconic and innovative JoyCon controllers. So, it is interesting to see people move in droves to third party controllers like the SN30 Pro. However, the retro designed controllers have been so effective that they seem almost necessary to really complement the wide range of retro games available on Nintendo’s digital network. Still, this doesn’t mean that the SN30 Pro are without fault. You can’t use the SN30 Pro with Amiibo supported games and you definitely can’t use gesture controlls. However, the SN30 Pro is Bluetooth supported which means that you can connect it to any device that is Bluetooth compatible — from your phone to your personal computer.

So far, we have found that the SN30 Pro plas and feels like the best when you are playing classic Nintendo games. Ultra Street Fighter II and Castlevania aare going to be perfect complements to this third party title. It doesn’t quite work as well on modern games but it is certainly still playable, with the lack of motion controls being the largest problem.