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How to Find Email ID & Contact Details of Any CEO & Top Executives

It was a very crucial time after completing my B.E, started searching of jobs with a good salary. This new phase of my life, got me many things to understood, like how to create an unconventional pitch and get hired.

emails of ceo and company hr

In that way, I tried of contacting the Human Resources(HR) of companies, but don’t know how to find their personal or official Email ID’s. When approaching some top notch companies, those HR and CEO Email ID’s are kept very secret and couldn’t find anywhere in the web.

Best Ways to Find CEO’s & HR’s Email Address and Contact Details (Tricks)

That was a time, I was searching SEO Analyst jobs in I found Bajaj Allianz had job openings for Assistant manager in Digital Marketing, but unfortunately the date was closed. And when I tried to contact the HR, I couldn’t find any traces of their Email ID’s anywhere on the internet. I started rotating the Rubik’s cube and found this simple strategy/trick to find the Bajaj CEO’s Email ID, and also many other CEO’s.

In the following steps I stepped the tricks I used to find contact details of any company’s CEO/HR and any other High Executives of the Company.

  1. First find out the name of your target company’s CEO by just googling it. You can get it from Wikipedia, LinkedIn or Twitter profiles.
  2. Start making combinations. Here I take the CEO of Bajaj Allianz Mr. Tapan Singhel as an example. I made combinations like,,, etc.
  3. Then adding all these emails I sent a dummy email, to find out whether it’s available or not. If the Email ID is not available you will receive a delivery status notification, like the image you see below:Email Delivery Failure Notification: Finding CEO Email id's.
  4. Here I forgot to mention this point before, while finding the CEO’s Email ID you may miss the correct domain name. Like the official website will be in “.com’s” but the Email ID’s will be in some other domain name’s like “”. To avoid this confusion first find the customer care email ID’s. There you can clearly find which domain name the company is using for its email addressing. Later, you can start the research on finding the email ID’s.
  5. By this Delivery Failure notification, you can easily find out the correct email address of any higher executives of the company easily.

Pro Tip: Using Email Permutator, is also another best way to find anyone’s Email Address with his first name, last name and company name.

Link: Download Email Permutator Sheet

Bonus Tip: In most of the cases, the CEO of almost all companies have their email address in the pattern like, “”.


  1. Bajaj Allianz  CEO, Tapan Singhel –,
  2. CEO, Sriram Hebbar –
  3. TicketGoose CEO, Arun Athiappan –

You can also find the personal email addresses of CEO’s, HR and any other Higher executives with the help of social media, personal blogs, mostly in LinkedIn. Hope, I have made your time useful with this article, if you find this trick useful please share your with friends and via our comment system below.

Update: As I expected, this method also worked well, in finding the Zoho Corp. CEO Mr. Sridhar Vembu‘s E-Mail Address too!

And his E-Mail address are as follows:,


  1. Betty

    Great Idea – A lot of work. If you don’t mind, I would like to point out there are a number of free services which already do this for you.

    My personal favorite is Rapportive – a Google Chrome add-on for those who use Gmail. Both indispensable tools if you are looking to contact a senior level CEO. enjoy.

  2. Roy hunter

    I am try to find the CEO of concord management in Florida it is a rentals apartment company

  3. Geetha Singhee

    Nice post, thanks for the bonus tips, Mothi!
    To find the promising and verified email addresses of CEO/ HR, I’ve tried a new tool called Email Prospector, that finds email addresses super fast. It’s pretty awesome! You’ll have to check it out and see how accurate it is.

    Let me know how you find it. Hope it helps in speeding your things up!


    Thank you Geetha, what is the cost of Email Prospector and are you sure is the best e-mail grabber on internet today?

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