Wi-Fi has become popular. Currently, most of the devices in the market have the option of connecting to the internet through Wi-Fi. Also, smart home kits are becoming popular, and with all these devices connecting to your Wi-Fi, you will start to notice that connection will become slow. You may think that you will need to spend money to solve this problem. However, there are some simple ways you can use to try to increase the Wi-Fi speeds before deciding to spend money.

1. Good Router Location
The location of your router plays an important role in determining the Wi-Fi speeds that you will enjoy. You should not expect to enjoy good speeds after you tuck it under the sofa. The best location for a router is one which is high and close to the middle of the home. Many people will have a challenge placing the router is such places because the cable box or phone line will be at the front of your property. However, it is easy, all you have to do is purchase an extension cable for the telephone line.

2. Reduce Interference
Most electronic devices that people have in their homes today emit some electromagnetic waves which can interfere with other signals. Examples of these devices include baby monitors, microwaves, and phones among others. The interference can lower the speeds of your internet connection. Therefore, you should ensure that devices that can cause any interference are not close to the router.

3. Use The Fastest Settings
Most people will not understand the jargon displayed in the router settings, for example, Wi-Fi frequencies and standards. By default, your router will strive to give the fastest connection. Currently, most devices use the 802.11n standard. However, it can deliver the connection using two frequencies. It can be through 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz. The 2.4 GHz is common, and this increases the likelihood that your router will be fighting with those of your neighbors for an available channel. It could result in lower connection speeds. If your device can connect to the 5 GHz, it will be beneficial.

4. Upgrade The Antennae
Most routers have antennas. Unscrewing them is simple. If your connection is slow, you can just buy better antennas which have a higher gain than the one you have currently. A good antenna will ensure you have a stronger and faster signal.