Reports have emerged that the Russians were being watched as they searched for code names of American intelligence software. This boils down to a case of spies being spied. It has been revealed that the Israeli Intelligence witnessed the whole event in real time. The global reach of this hacking was made possible by the Kaspersky Antivirus. At the moment, this is a program that is used by more than 400 million people across the globe. Even some government officials of the American government are said to use this program. When the Israeli officials realized what was happening, they alerted their American friends that their networks were under attacks by Russians. The Israelis managed to acquire this information by hacking into the networks that belonged to Kaspersky. This is the main reason why the American government decided to remove the Kaspersky program from all government computers. According to an official who has been briefed on the issue, the stolen documents belong to the National Security Agency. The official said that the documents were stolen from a personal computer of a worker who worked with the NSA and used the Kaspersky software. The Russians managed this by turning the Kaspersky software to something that resembles a search engine like Google. Other materials that might have been stolen from the American government remains unknown.

However, the officials who were part of the investigation agreed to speak on the condition of anonymity. Therefore, their names cannot be revealed. The software by Kaspersky must have access to all documents stored in a computer. This makes it easy for the software to scan for dangers and viruses. The software then neutralizes any malicious software or malware detected in the machines. After this process is over, a report is sent back to Kaspersky. This common routine gave the Russians an intelligence tool the opportunity to scan and retrieve any information that they saw as important. The Russian embassy declined to comment on the issue. This is what happened with the Israel Embassy when it was asked for a comment. At the same time, the White House and the National Agency did not speak about the matter. A week ago, the story was reported by the Wall Street Journal. Kaspersky through its chief executive has constantly denied that the firm is linked to the Russian government. The company, however, said that it would consider any verifiable information that will enable it to start an investigation.