If you are like us, then you’ve likely been laser-focused on maximizing your Pokemon Go playtime with the new updates that have been hitting the application over the last couple of months. While many users feared that Niantic, the team behind Pokemon Go, would slow down after starting on ‘Harry Potter: Wizards Unite’, the opposite has in fact been true. Instead, Pokemon Go is receiving major update after major update, with the latest being their new weather system and Augmented Reality Plus system. Niantic is at it again with a few improvements to these new core additions, so let’s dig right in and see how we can use them to our advantage.

Let’s start out today’s content by taking a deep-dive into the advanced Weather System. Trainers who have been active in Pokemon Go will know that the Weather System was implemented in order to add another layer of strategy and realism to the title itself. Different weather provides different sorts of battling bonuses while also increasing or decreasing the odds of certain types of Pokemon spawning. For example, in heavy rain, you might see your water-type Pokemon get a boost in battle. However, this weather system also introduced a Warning System that prevented trainers from playing the game whenever rough weather triggered an alert. This handicapped the game because there were many times when the weather was fine but the alert still popped up. Niantic quickly remedied this issue by releasing a patch that allows trainers to bypass the warning by marking an, “I am safe.” button. This goes hand-in-hand with the Passenger/Driver alert. Niantic is still working on keeping gamers safe, but they are also allowing users to take back some control of their playtime.

Looking past the newly fixed weather system, which should add a whole new boost of life to the title, we can see that Niantic has released a slew of Gen 3 Pokemon along with their AR+ update. Augmented Reality Plus is likely to be the biggest system change that we see for the next three or four months. AR+ adds a layer of realism in that the Pokemon you are trying to capture now scale to your environment. You can even scare Pokemon away by rushing up on them! This cool new gameplay element has a few little bugs, and many people will skip using it entirely, but if you want a more immersive experience then fire it up!