The new versions of any software come with newer features that seek to improve the experience of the user. The same is true in Microsoft Office 2016.

1. “Tell Me” Feature
The new feature enables you to perform tasks quickly when you don’t know how to carry them out. It is easier to use than the Help feature or clicking around on the application as you are trying to find your way. If you just select something in the new Office, it will display the list of possible commands that you can execute.

2. Getting Answers from Insights
Insights enables a user to find information when using Excel, Outlook, Word, and PowerPoint. All you have to do is right-click on a phrase or word and select the Smart Lookup. Microsoft’s search engine will bring you results that are closer to what you searched.

3. Sharing is Easier
Microsoft added a Share button at the top of the right window of Word, PowerPoint, and Excel applications. When you click on the button, you will have the option of saving the file on a location storage that is online or sending it to the email addresses of the people you want. Also, you can limit what they can do to the file. You can allow them to edit it or limit them to just viewing it.

4. Excel’s New Analysis and Forecast Features
Microsoft Excel 2016 is powerful than the other versions:
• You can import data from various sources into Excel to perform an analysis. They include websites, Access, SQL, Azure and other databases.
• It has four new types of charts. They include Pareto, Sunburst, Treemap and Waterfall charts. The Histogram, and the Box and Whisker charts have added functionalities.
• There are new time series functions that you can use to predict future trends from historical data.

5. A New Look
Developers will always try to improve the look of a new version of a software. Microsoft Office 2016 has a new and better look. In Microsoft Office 2013 the default background color for the document was white. However, the users could choose between dark and light gray. In Office 2016, the default background color is similar to that of the application’s icon. Therefore, for Word its dark blue, dark green for Excel, and Orange for PowerPoint. However, you still have the option for light and dark gray.