A new technology company is offering an innovative way to handle identity management in the workplace. The company is fittingly called NoPassword. It aims to eliminate the need for storing, remembering and typing in passwords to access workplace websites, servers and portals.

The man behind NoPassword is Yaser Masoudnia. He says that the inspiration behind his latest venture was the fact that he dealt with the same issues of authentication that many people deal with at the workplace. Yaser said he was motivated to make authenticating himself easier, simpler and more secure.

So how is NoPassword more secure than using passwords? It works by using biometrics. That is it uses biological and physical characteristics to replace your password. For example, NoPassword would use your iris in the eye, fingerprints and even voice to authenticate your identity. As you can imagine, it is close to impossible to steal someone’s eye identity, voice identity or fingerprint identity. This way of authentication is much more secure than the old method of using passwords which were developed during the Roman Empire.

NoPassword offers the option to download its biometric identification online. It can also be installed in the workplace manually or directly by the company. To ensure the highest levels of privacy, NoPassword does not store any biometric data or identifiable information. This means that even if NoPassword company serves and databases were hacked into, no personal information of use to hackers about clients would be compromised.

The biometric data is only stored on your smartphone and nowhere else. Once the biometric data or biometric password is loaded unto your phone, it is wiped out from the records of the company. This ensures complete privacy and makes sure that only you have access to your biometric data and password.

So what are the benefits of using NoPassword instead of regular passwords? For one, it is much more secure. Passwords can easily be stolen, hacked into or even guessed if somebody has a very weak password. Such breaches or theft will not occur with biometric passwords using the NoPassword software.

Another benefit pointed out by NoPassword founder, Yaser Masoudnia is the convenience. You can access hundreds of different websites, portals and company sites with a single biometric password. There will be no longer be a need to write down and memorize all of those passwords. The login process should also be faster in addition to being more secure.