Notifications. They are both an advantage and an annoyance, depending on when you receive the notification and what app it comes from or concerns. The newest release of Android, deemed Oreo, which is starting to become more widespread, creates a new spin on the notification feature by introducing snooze to make it more convenient for users to customize the mobile experience and make it more individual.

The debate lies in whether to ignore the notification until you’re ready to acknowledge it or to swipe it away to get the pesky icon out of your notification panel at the risk of forgetting about it or potentially missing something of interest. Android Oreo aims to fix this problem once and for all with the introduction of notification snooze. This handy feature, which is built right into this release of the popular mobile operating system, allows you to snooze individual notifications until you are ready to look at them.

Just pull down your notification bar or shade until you see the notification that you want to save for later. Swipe it to the right slightly until you see both the gear and clock icons on your screen. Tap on the clock icon and choose how long you want to snooze the notification. Choose a few minutes, hours, or until later in the day after you get done with your workday.

Once the notification appears again, you can either acknowledge it or choose to snooze it again. You can continuously do this until you want to click on it and see what is going on. This a feature that Android users have requested for years and many are happy to know that it is finally included in this build of Android without the need for a separate application to perform the function.

The addition marks a shift in direction to making Android more user-friendly. Keep in mind that this feature is limited to the Oreo release, meaning if your phone manufacturer has not released an upgrade from Android Nougat, that you won’t be able to take advantage of this convenience. Stay patient, and hopefully, your device manufacturer will release an update to give you this long coveted feature once and for all. If you aren’t one of the lucky ones to get an update, you might have to bite the bullet and upgrade your device if you want to newest and most updated user-friendly features.