The newly upgraded launcher released by Microsoft allows users to connect to their Android devices to their PCs. Though the original Android launcher was released in 2015, the brand-new rendition of the launcher has been enhanced in several ways. From its humble beginnings as a simple Garage experiment (referred to as the Arrow Launcher), the current Android launcher gives users an unprecedented degree of customizability. With the free reign of customization that the new Android launcher gives every user over their personal device’s interface, the user can easily dictate exactly what happens when they press the home button on their device.

Thanks to the fact that the brand new Android launcher gives every user the ability to flexibly customize their home screen operations, this upgrade promises to more effectively shrink the degrees of separation between the smartphone device and the personal PC. Without skipping a beat, users who take advantage of the new Android launcher will be perfectly capable of going about their important priorities on their mobile devices just as seamlessly as if they were directly using their PC at the time. Everything from document reading to image editing can be accomplished on the mobile devices empowered with this new launcher, without a single drop in functionality between the mobile and PC experience.

Even though the ability to continue PC-based operations on the mobile platform isn’t necessarily a revolutionary concept at this point in time, Android’s developments have allowed to capitalize upon previous attempts at this functionality with a brand-new level of precision. With just a single tap of any eligible program’s icon on the mobile home screen, the corresponding program on the PC will activate in real-time. In a sense, the new launcher could almost be considered a way of turning the mobile device into an extra screen for the PC itself.

In addition to carrying out important PC-based tasks related to documents and images, the new upgrade also allows users to regulate convenience-based applications in the realm of reminders and alarms. Not only does the new launcher give every user the ability to make sure that their important appointments are kept in-check with through reminders, but there are also a range of personal stylistic choice adjustments accessible as well. Time will tell whether the launcher’s consistency and technical maintenance can match the value of all the new benefits that it’s been designed to offer.