Whenever I do watching posters, I would look deep into the Text in them. How they are meant to be so attractive? They add Gradient, borders which made text full of attractions. Here I have shared a simple and quick tutorials on how to get gradient background text effect with Photoshop.

gradient text photoshop

Here, I want to share my knowledge over how to make gradient text designing using Photoshop. Later, using Photoshop I came to understand that I have to make use of some gradient option to make my text more rich and attractive.

How to add Gradient Effect to your Text using Photoshop

  1. For the attractive text, you need rich and attractive fonts. Have a look at this website to get some good looking fonts.
  2. Go to Photoshop, Create New File → Fix your Photo size.
  3. Click the  button at the right side bar in your Photoshop. After initializing the Text type Tool, start typing your text in the Photo Layer.
  4. As like Microsoft Word Document, you can edit your text in multiple ways. Sorry!! Did I said multiple ways? Nope. You are allowed to mess up your text with more layer styles.
  5. Get into the Layers Section, you can add more styles using, “Layer style“.
  6. Click the  icon just below the Layer section. Here are the list of styles/options to add effects to your text. Tick the Gradient Overlay, to Open the Gradient Options.
  7. There will be available Presets, pick your choice to add gradient your text. You can also create a new Gradient using Gradient Editor.
  8. We got the choice to Adjust Opacity, Gradient with Reverse Option, Angle, Scale and Align with Layer. So, its up-to you to edit your text now.

Steps to Create a New Gradient Background Text in Photoshop

  1. If you want to create a new Gradient, click any preset. Tap the pen mark on the Gradient twice to open the Color Palette. Choose your Color.
  2. Adjust the Smoothness by percentage.
  3. Choose the Gradient Type, either Solid (or) Noise.
  4. Atlast, don’t forget to hit “SAVE” button to save your new Gradient.

You can Load the Downloaded Gradients, just by double clicking the Gradient Pack (or) Click LOAD button on Gradient Editor to load your downloaded Gradient file.