Successful identity and access management (IAM) for modern businesses is best achieved through a single sign-on (SSO) platform. The number of internal and external users of cloud-based application continues to increase globally. This has in turn led to an increase in the IAM needs that IT specialists needs to cater to. Moreover, users demand real-time access to the cloud-based services across multiple platforms and on various devices, making the IAM task even more complex.

Additionally, there is a plethora of apps for assisting teams to run their operations smoothly. Even though the options are numerous, the number of tools that teams can use cannot exceed a certain number because of factors such as the setup time and how long it takes to implement protocols.

This is where SSO comes in. It plays a critical role in ensuring streamlined IAM for enterprises. With the right SSO solution, fewer calls will be made to customer support services because of issues with access.

The following are the primary benefits that your enterprise stands to accrue by using the appropriate single sign-on solution.


Employees in your company want to access cloud-based applications in a simple, quick way without having to compromise on security. This can be a daunting, time-consuming affair in that absence of centralized access because they have to not only remember but also input multiple login credentials.

The good news is that a solution exists. Upon logging into their dashboard on SSO service provider such as OneLogin, any of your team members gains access to all their cloud-based tools, be it from their smartphone, tablet, laptop, or onsite work station. Thousands of cloud-based services, including Dropbox and Google Drive, are available on the OneLogin network of applications. Lost passwords, resets and manual logins are all a thing of the past.

User-specific access

If your company is like most well-established enterprises, then different people in your team require different levels of access. For smooth running of business operations, every employee requires access to the necessary information and the necessary tools—and nothing more. This is among the pillars of top-quality IAM solutions.

Leading providers of IAM services, such as OneLogin, deliver inbuilt compliance reporting audits for PCI, HITECH and SOX among others. With SSO, details such as seniority, department and role are used to configure the type of access an employee is given. As a result, transparency and visibility are achieved with regard to who has access to what company.


The SSO generates real-time logs of applications accessed, the times they were accessed, and the users who accessed among other information pertinent to your company’s data integrity. Access reports, geolocation tracking and SIEMs are part of the core of these real-time logs in the entire system. Common threats to security and risks specific to your company are effectively mitigated.

Better results
There is an undeniable elegance in simplicity and this is especially true for enterprise IAM. Having a single gateway for multiple tools lifts a huge burden of your team’s shoulder, allowing it to do what it does best: delivered unrivaled quality to your products and services. More specifically, it frees up your IT specialists to focus on top-level issues such as scale, security and overall efficiency of your enterprise.

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