One might reasonably expect that they would have the latest software available on their phone when they purchase a new phone. This is usually how things work in technology. However, some Android users have been left frustrated by this expectation. It has not been the reality for many Android owners, even those who own the latest phones available on the market.

The OnePlus5T and the Razer Phone are the two latest phones pushed out by Android-maker Google says The Verge. They are set to be released in one month, but each one of them has the same issue with the latest software. That is to say that neither one of them is coming with the latest version of the software available to buyers. The company has made statements about why this is, but so far they have not been able to convince that many people that they are in fact getting the issue resolved.

The latest Android software update (known as Android Oreo) was released approximately three months ago. It was set to come out around the same time as the solar eclipse. Although the company did release the software on time, they did not get it put out on all of their new phones as customers might have expected. As such, there are now hoards of angry customers who want the company to get its act together.

There is fragmentation in terms of who gets which software version. Just because a person buys the latest phone does not mean that they get the latest software. At the same time, a person who buys an older phone may actually end up with the best software that the company has available out there. It is a baffling and extremely confusing situation for all users of the various phones. So far, it has not left anyone all that happy with the situation either.

A full forty percent of Android owners have a piece of software that was released either in 2013 or 2014 still on their phone. Compare that to the fact that the majority of Apple phone users have the latest software on their phones, and you can see why some people are simply fed up with what has been going on with Androids. They are just not keeping up with the competition at the moment in terms of rolling out that great software to everyone. It is an issue that may continue to grow for Google.