Grammarly is a software that can be downloaded from the Internet and used as an extension on any web browser. To start, you just have to go to the Grammarly website, enter some personal information, and download the software.

Once a user downloads the software, they have a choice of either Grammarly free or Grammarly premium. Grammarly free will flag all misspelled words and all words used wrong in the context of the paragraph and the overall piece of writing. This flag comes in the form of a red highlight that the user cannot miss.

Grammarly premium includes everything offered in Grammarly free and more. When a premium member, Grammarly will flag words used too much in a single piece of writing. Grammarly will then offer several different synonyms for a specific word. Grammarly will also flag sentence structure for words that seem to be out of place, prepositions that seem to be out of place, and anything else that does not appear right in the piece of writing. The premium flam comes in the form of a yellow highlight. People who only use the free version of Grammarly are likely to overlook between 10 to 100 mistakes.

Grammarly can be used for every program on the web, including social media accounts. Grammarly can also be used within Microsoft Office, but Grammarly will not work for Microsoft Office on a Mac. Users also can install Grammarly as a desktop application, and users can either upload a document into the application or copy and paste it.

Another great thing about Grammarly is the weekly report distributed to every user. The weekly report details how many words a specific user wrote, and the user’s report is then compared to all other users. Users with higher word counts earn Grammarly badges that can be used towards a premium Grammarly account.

People all over the world rave about Grammarly on a daily basis. These reviews can be seen on the Grammarly website. Colleges from all over the world now include a premium Grammarly account in all tuition packages. The main reason for this is because people have been using Grammarly to write their resumes correctly.