The manufacturing industry isn’t always associated with advancements in technology, which is unfortunate. The manufacturing world consistently changes due to the integration of technological advancements. The arrival of robots at manufacturing locations reflects one highly-publicized example. The debut of artificial intelligence may raise eyebrows, but it shouldn’t. Artificial intelligence seems to be expanding into many different operational endeavors. just might become the company capable of creating a new landscape in the manufacturing world. is the new startup launched by entrepreneur Andrew Ng. The focus of entails expanding and integrating artificial intelligence systems into various aspects of the manufacturing industry. Likely, introducing artificial intelligence could streamline manufacturing tasks in various ways. Boosting productivity through artificial intelligence may increase profits while cutting down steps and expenses.

Ng and his company have entered into a strategic partnership agreement with Foxconn. Foxconn serves as the first company to work with Others surely will follow suit. The speed in which they do should increase if Foxconn gains demonstrative benefits from working with Ng.

Artificial intelligence has found its way into a host of different industries. Certain industries integrated artificial intelligence systems quicker than other. Information technology, for example, seemed to embrace it quickly. Technology sectors won’t be too skittish about adding new technological components. Industries that might not necessarily utilize a significant amount of advanced technology could be slow to add AI systems. In some cases, the industry may be limited in terms of how it can utilize AI.

In time, however, artificial intelligence should find its way into every industry in one level or another. The reasons for integrating artificial intelligence may become compulsory. In other words, a business may not be able to even operate effectively without AI programs and system put in place. Manufacturing may represent the next bold new frontier of this reality.