The latest installment of the iPhone series released by Apple has raised many people’s expectations. The visual design alone seems to represent that this iPhone is definitely changing the game for future iPhones to come. Does the iPhone X live up to these prospects? The iPhone X contains many pros and cons which you can use to determine whether or not the iPhone X is for you.


The iPhone X does have features that surpass the previous generations. This includes both physical and digital features. These pros include:

  • Face ID is pretty accurate; it can recognize users regardless of facial hair changes and whether or not the user is wearing glasses.
  • The large screen and overall design allows for new ways that apps can be used.
  • It’s water resistant; can stay submerged in plain water for almost half an hour.
  • It feels comfortable in your hand.
  • The OLED display boosts the visual graphics that previous iPhone versions lack. The colors are crisp and detailed.

Some of these upsides separate the iPhone X from other phones of the same generation. However, just as there are pros, there are also cons.


Some of the downsides of the iPhone X are large and hard to ignore. These could mean the difference between making the purchase or going iPhone X-less for Christmas this year. A number of the cons are:

  • This is the most expensive iPhone to date, pricing at a whopping $999.
  • New design means more adjustment to different functions. This can be a little disorienting, especially since the home button doesn’t exist on this device.
  • The iPhone X is considered to be the most easily breakable iPhone to date, and that means you would either have to buy a case, insurance, or both.
  • Unlocking the phone with Face ID can be slow at times.
  • The phone lacks a headphone jack.

A number of these cons may cause some customers to turn away from purchasing an iPhone X this time. It’s not to say that the pros can outweigh the cons. It depends on the individual and what they want for both a phone and an iPhone.


The iPhone X has an appealing design both physically and digitally. The advanced Face ID, though slightly flawed, allows for all kinds of possibilities for new apps to explore. With all these new advancements, it still may be too expensive for a typical consumer to purchase. The sensitivity of this iPhone may require you to either buy insurance, a new case or pay for repairs if and when you drop it in the future. All-in-all, the iPhone X is state-of-the-art but costly.