The mobile phone market is as competitive as it has ever been. For years Apple has dominated the market with their ultra sleek and easy to use iPhone products. Samsung has played second fiddle, albeit a strong second fiddle, with their Note products. Now the tables might be turning as Samsung has released the Galaxy 8 Note to absolutely rave reviews and critical reception. The Galaxy Note 8 is a welcome change to Samsung’s old style and an innovative twist on the Apple model of sleek, user-focused design. let’s take a look at what the Galaxy Note 8 did right and if it is ready to dethrone the reigning Apple titan that is the iPhone 7+.

A year ago the Galaxy Note 7 was in the news for all of the wrong reasons. A faulty battery caused massive malfunctions that required a massive recall. At this point in time it would have been completely understandable to say that the Note line was dead in the water and that they couldn’t bounce back. However, Samsung put everything into the Galaxy Note 8 in order to create a product that washes away the concept of the Note 7 altogether. The Galaxy S8 recently released to refocus the brand and now the Galaxy Note 8 is here to actually attempt to take over the top spot on the market.

What makes the Galaxy Note 8 so great isn’t in what it brings new to the table, but what it brings new to the Samsung Note line. The Note 8 has an intuitive interface with a 6.3 inch screen. The HD screen has an edge to edge design with a wrap around screen which creates the illusion of massive size. There’s a home touch button and a fingerprint scanner on the phone that make the entire package work quick and smoothly.

In terms of hardware the Galaxy Note 8 has its first dual-lens camera, something new to the Note line. The dual camera is powered at 12 MPG and the front camera is powered at 8MP. An S-Pen styles comes with the phone as well so that you can keep your fingertips away from the actual screen. Despite the quality of the camera and the power of the Android 7.1 OS, the screen is what steals the show. This is one of the prettiest screens on the market which makes it perfect for mobile media consumers. Read the full phone review here.