The National Hockey League (NHL) season is right around the corner. People with Android devices will be able to follow their favorite hockey teams in ways that they were never able to before. This is because there are now a wide variety of hockey apps that enhance the experience of being a fan of this great sport. The features that will be available to users will vary depending on the specific hockey app that is being used. Here are a few examples of the most exciting Android hockey apps that can be used to follow the upcoming NHL season.

1. Feedly (Free)

This is an ideal hockey app to use for your Android device if you are someone who always wants to be kept up to date on the latest news involving your sport. The app acts as a news reader. It is capable of compiling all of the relevant hockey news that you need and assembling it in one location. It is easy to navigate through all of the different news stories. It is able to integrate with Twitter and Facebook.

2. The official app made by the NHL ($25/month or $140/year)

As you might expect, the app that is officially produced by the NHL has some of the best content available. The app is able to be customized for whatever team you happen to be a fan of. You can watch games live and check out all of the latest highlights and news. There are also no blackout restrictions. You will have the ability to watch any game you want.

3. TuneIn Radio ($10/month)

This app is a cheaper alternative for people who cannot afford the high price of the NHL app subscription. TuneIn Radio will allow you to listen to the radio broadcasts of any NHL game you are interested in. However, you will get much more than NHL content if you subscribe. You will also gain access to a huge selection of podcasts and many radio stations.

4. Thuuz Sports (Free)

This is a useful app to have if you need to know when various NHL games are going to be on TV. The app will tell you the start time of the game and what channel it will be on. You will also have access to a complete NHL scoreboard, box scores and a schedule. This app does contain ads because it is free.