Imagine being able to take a tiny backpack size pouch along with you camping, hiking, to the beach, to sports events, or visiting and know that this revolutionary Trono oversized outdoor blow-up chair can be inflated in just seconds and can hold up to a large adult weighing a maximum of 350 pounds! Air is the main ingredient! You just open the large hole in the chair, allow the breeze to fill it, roll it, connect it, spin it around a few times, and enjoy it for hours!

Lightweight at a mere 1.7 pounds, it is crafted from ultra-durable commercial grade parachute material with double stitching that breathes, has a plush suede seat cover, and there is an optional rock defying base and an anchor that you can purchase if you will be going to windy or rugged terrain.

Most importantly, this compact air lounger has an innovative No-Strain Back Support with an ergonomic design that has adjusted the seat’s back angle, protective bottom pad, seat pad, and everything that lets you relax and be comfortable without strain on your body or neck like other camping chairs.

Confident that you will love this chair, Trono not only gives you 30 days to try it out and be satisfied, or they will give you your money back! There is also a two-year Replacement Warranty, so you know that they stand behind the construction and benefits of this inflatable piece of furniture.

Located in Amsterdam, Trono’s inspired but small team of designers, inventors, and storytellers try to invent innovative products which radically change the seating world. This inflatable chair allows you to smell the fresh air and feel the wind in your hair as well as the sun on your skin without having to lug heavy loungers or folding chairs along with you when you want to stop and relax.