Patience, discipline, and integrity have remained the key pillars of success of Equities First Holdings, LLC since it began its operation in 2002. Having its satellite office in New York City, the company is based in Indianapolis, Indiana. It was celebrating its 15 years success in June. The company has moved steps ahead in the financial sector, and there are notable achievements that the company has made. The success of Equities First Holdings (EFH) is not attributed to an individual but rather teamwork and cooperation of various stakeholders involved. Lending of money isn’t a new concept but how EFH does distinguishes their company from other financial institutions. They utilize the concept of natural, organic cycles in the market.

The main services that Equities First Holdings are known for is the provision of financial lending to individuals and other financial institutions. Being committed to providing financial solutions to their clients, Equities First Holdings has gained popularity in various parts of Europe. This is boosted by their way operation where they offer low-interest rates. According to Al Christy, the Founder, and CEO, the company has successfully made over 700 transactions since inception and also delivered an estimate of $1 billion to the American market.

Recently, the company developed transaction of $30 million to ensure that more funds are channeled for development and research projects in India. This was carried out through an Australian company, Environmental Clean Technologies Limited (ECT). This company specializes in iron-making technology. The funds would help in ensuring advancement in energy and mineral technology.

The company uses stocks as collateral and clients choose the loans that are suitable and convenient for them. Christy spent her time to study the market trends and ensured the company adopts a system that the interest rates do not fluctuate as seen in banks and other financial institutions. They mainly offer credit based loans, secured loans, credit-based loans and shareholder financing.

The borrowing system of Equities First Holdings works in such a way that clients decide their loans wherever they want, unlike banks where it’s hard for borrowers to pay the loans. The interest rates of loans being fixed over a certain duration allow borrowers not to be under pressure of paying back the loan provided they are within the time-frame.

Notable Success Stories From Equities First Holdings

Apart from the above-mentioned success stories, the following are part of the achievements that EFH has

1. Establishment of a branch in London- This was done in 2013 to meet borrowers’ demands for easy accessibility of the funds. Besides, EFH is now operating in nine countries, and this expansion has boosted the profits of the company. It’s currently operating in America, Europe, and Asia. It also relocated its office to Melbourne.

2. Adoption of the best investment strategies and methods which utilize natural, organic cycles in the market.

3. Partnering with other notable financial companies like Meridian Equity Partners which made the company notice an increase in the workforce by 50% in 2013. The company, therefore, opted to open branches in Hong Kong, Jakarta, and Singapore.

4. In October 2016, the CEO of EFH concluded a transaction with Andrew Newland, CEO of ANGLE plc by returning collateral shares worth $1.35 million. The company finds pride in having boosted research and development operations in India to ensure sustainable development is achieved. The company has successfully been able to transact more than $1.4 Billion to its clients. Additionally, the company agreed to repay the loan borrowed by PaySafe plc, and this was signed by Joel Lenoff.

5. The process of applying and obtaining the loan is made simple and quick as they require little information. They offer low-interest stock loans and having revised their lending rules, many organizations have opted for alternative financial assistance from EFH.

6. They have placed clients need first by ensuring 24-hour response time to any concern, efficiency, and flexibility in operations.

Steps followed to obtain loans from Equities First Holdings

Since EFH uses stocks as collateral, this distinguishes them from other financial institutions. In case an individual or organization wants to borrow from their system, you will not go through tight bank procedures. Good fixed rates of interest that are evenly distributed over a particular time frame so that clients do not feel overwhelmed and can settle the debts whenever they are ready. The good factor about the borrowing system is that unlike other banking institutions that make it hard for borrowers to pay their loan, with Equity First Holding, such clients can pay up whenever they feel they are ready to do that. The Equity Holding’s group interests rates on loan products are the lowest globally.

The growth and network of Equities First Holdings mainly depend on their interest rates and ease of accessibility of loans. One factor that pushes customers and investors to work with Equities First Holdings is the way that it is like no other bank out there. Its flexible payment plan has enabled the company to grow over the years. What the management of equity first holding has done is to change the rules of the game. Their relationship with their clients has changed the view of borrowers all over Europe Asia and America. Responsibilities like their deal with Paysafe Plc and many other factors are the reason as to how the company has been able to grow and develop over the years since its inception. Equities First Holdings group has created a niche for themselves in the business industry because of its contradicting system of operations, unlike their counterparts. That is what makes this group special.


Equities First Holdings have played their cards well by adopting ways that other financial institutions have not utilized. Having created a good rapport with other financial institutions, banks and law firms, it’s one of the best companies to secure financial assistance from when one is in need. In any economy, currently stock-based are wanted in the market and Equity First Holdings provides these services. Besides, the company has put more resources into focusing on product development so that liquidity is made available through a safe, transparent way that is attractive to their customers. Many customers have been able to achieve their goals and aspirations through utilizing the loans from EFH.


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