This year was a noteworthy one for smartphones in the sense that technological advancements seemed to coalesce at the right time to meet rising customer expectations. Smartphones in 2017 got faster thanks to more processing power, and the cameras on those smartphones were better at taking high-definition photos even in low-light conditions.

Wireless charging was another innovation across iPhones in 2017, although the practice was first pioneered by Apple in the company’s iPhone offerings. Wireless charging could actually be the thing to watch for in 2018 as hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality industries start offering public charging bays to make customers’ stays more convenient.

iPhone X Versus Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Apple and Samsung have long crossed swords with each new iteration of their smartphones, and often that gamesmanship extended to legal challenges as one company sued the other over copyright issues. Samsung also had its own challenges over the Galaxy Note 7’s battery catching fire.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8, though, seems to have rectified things slightly in consumers eyes as many tech experts agree that it harmonizes the best aspects of the Galaxy Note 7 and Galaxy S8 Plus. Almost the entire front panel of the Galaxy Note 8 is dedicated to a very large screen. The S Pen stylus on the new smartphone also makes for seamless navigation.

The iPhone X, on the other hand, is the long-awaited tenth-anniversary-edition of the Apple iPhone. It didn’t disappoint consumers as it offered a number of handy features, including: Face ID, easier mobile payments, state-of-the-art camera options, a gorgeous OLED screen, a longer battery life, and better overall hardware.

Google Pixel 2

The Google Pixel 2 gives consumers perhaps the best low-light camera on the market. The portrait mode on the Google Pixel 2 is especially impressive and allows users to get just the right shot for uploading onto social media. Although the Google Pixel 2 doesn’t feature wireless charging, the smartphone has another practical advantage: The Pixel 2 is essentially waterproof.

Moto 5G Plus

The 5G Plus might be the best all-around budget smartphone on the market. You’ll get a solid metal construction, water-resistant coating, and a great camera for one low price. The fact that the Moto 5G Plus draws on Google’s Android operating system means that you won’t sacrifice cost for options, speed, or connectivity.

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