Writer Duet is a new screenwriting software that is taking Hollywood by storm and is quickly capturing the hearts of writers all around the world. Though this service is only a few years old, approximately 20-50 movies have already been written using this service.

One of the most significant features this service offers is the ability to collaborate with other writers who are using Writer Duet. Every writer can log onto their Writer Duet account and have video messages with four or even five writers at one time. There is no time limit on conversations, and writers can even record the session to review it at a later time. If video messaging does not work, writers also have the ability to instant message each other. The rules that apply to video messaging also apply to instant messaging.

In addition to logging onto Writer Duet, every writer also receives a desktop application. No Internet is required to use this application. The desktop application was made to free people from all distraction and let them write.

Concerning the desktop application, writers have been raving about the index card feature that is built into the Writer Duet desktop application. Every time a new scene is created, a digital index card appears on the side of the screen. This allows writers to focus on their story without having to flip from one screen to another every few minutes.

Perhaps the greatest feature of all offered by Writer Duet is the exporting function. Writers can export their scripts on Final Draft format. This has helped so many writers handle projects with large production companies that only use Final Draft. Projects can also be exported in PDF format and many other formats.

Currently, Writer Duet can be purchased for $10 a month, or a customer can buy a perpetual license for approximately $200. Students receive huge discounts on both monthly payment plans and the perpetual license plan.