Are you looking for an assistance to earn money by selling T Shirts online for free?

If your answer is YES!

Then you’re at the right place my friend. Before I get into detail let me let me answer the FAQ listed below:

Question 1: Do you require any (additional) money to start selling your T shirts online?

Nope. Just register  your a/c and start selling with your tee designs immediately

Question 2:  Do you need any kind of experience for selling custom T shirt designs?

It’s not freelancing so you don’t need (hell no) to show any sort of experience or portfolio 

Question 3: Is graphic designing skill necessary?

It is an advantage definitely but even if you are noob about designing still you can create a fantastic looking apparel with the built-in design studio which is very simple to use for anyone      

It doesn’t really matter if you are a school, college student or working employee. Also, you can raise money for social cause, college festival, Charity etc to help people.

sell t shirts online make money

Selling T-Shirts Online Made Easy!

Okay!! you’ve recognized the initial information till now. But where are you going to start selling (platforms)? How much could you expect from creating t shirts and sell them online? If you wanna know about it then sit tight and keep reading.

Are you ready to discover your own custom selling t shirt? Oh!! I bet. You’re. Let’s rock and roll then.

Best Online T-Shirt Companies and Their Business Model

You should know these two types of T shirt business model before I tell you about the best T shirt selling platforms for Indians.

Method 1: Print On Demand

This business model gives a minimum goal to their users (Ex: 3 or 5) to cut off costs and thus it is more profitable for the sellers (as you are selling multiple apparel orders at once).


MyDreamStore is founded by Karthik Venkat and Satish Bala. Here, you can sell your custom T shirt, hoodies, posters, Laptop Skin, coffee mugs and bags without spending a single dime. It sounds good. Isn’t it. All you need to is to make your design, upload it, set a minimum goal and you are all set to launch your first campaign at once without any hassle.

I am assuming that you have created your account already. Common!! let’s go inside to see how does it go?

You’ll notice “start a campaign” on top right hand side, click it and you will be redirected into a new window. Choose an appropriate product (Bags, T shirts, hoodie, Coffee mug, posters and Laptop skin) and upload your design or utilize in-built clip art with mirror effect and image filters.

But if you want to design your own then you need to follow their guidelines (max. 1754*2481 pixels and 2/3 colors) for uploading successfully. It has few advantages and disadvantages which you should know before start selling. It’s by far, the best online T shirt designing site I know!


  • Maximum Profit (other than all Indian T-Shirt selling company)
  • Very simple and elegant interface to upload designs
  • COD and Prepaid Payment
  • Private messaging to the buyer
  • Maximum campaign period is 21 days.
  • Excellent customer support (via email and Facebook Group)


  • Comparatively Low Pixels (1754*2481 pixels) only.
  • You can use 2 or 3 colors only
  • Minimum goal is 5


JOAT is another most popular site to sell your custom T shirts in India. I want you to decide is it than better or not?


  • It supports 500*500 to 3000*3000 pixels design (good enough)
  • You can make your custom tee with 5 colors
  • Easy to upload your artwork
  • Maximum campaign period is 21 days.
  • Most importantly it’s minimum goal 3


It’s previous UI (dashboard) wasn’t impressive at all. But you will love the new upgraded dashboard of JOAT for sure. So, you can’t count it as a cons anymore.


FreshMonk is quite similar to MyDreamStore (according to features). But you can sell your products in 20+ countries and this is why it’s different from the rest.


  • Minimum Goal is 2
  • International sales (20+ countries)
  • Very Clean interface and no pixel rules for uploading a design


Designs get blurred after uploading (due to no set of pixels)


MakeMyMerch is my favorite merchandise selling platform which is powered by RedWolf. Why is it the best platform for selling your custom T shirt design (if you’re a designer)? Answer is very simple. You have no limitation on your creativity here which means you can sell high quality designs here.Am I confusing you? Okay!! Let me clear your doubts.


You can upload your vector artwork with your utmost creativity and colors. No holds barred. You don’t need to follow any tiny pixel guidelines at all.
(If you are a Photoshop user then you need to maintain 800 dpi otherwise you need to use illustrator)


  • Minimum goal is 10
  • Approval process takes 2 to 3 days to check your artwork
  • COD isn’t available. Only Online payment.

You shouldn’t overlook Paintcollar. You may not aware that it has all the features you need to make a perfect campaign for your design. You can sell laptop skin, posters, canvas apart from T shirt.


  • Wide pixels (2400*3385)
  • No minimum goal


  • It didn’t bring hoodie for selling yet

It is one of the best apparel store for Indians undoubtedly. But you can start a campaign also but you require an approval from the team. I haven’t tried it personally but you can give it a try for sure.

Method 2: Commission On Sale


Dressify allows you to make your own custom shop with a sub-domain. In case you didn’t understand then you can see my store.

Why should you like Dressify?

Your design has almost no limit as it has incorporated 5000*5000 pixels for uploading a design. Also, it introduced “full sleeves T shirts” recently so you shouldn’t face any problem further.


Freecultr is a similar website to sell custom apparel online. It works similarly as above. Also, you can take advantage of its marketplace listings on various eCommerce sites like Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal.


Experez is another platform which gives your sub-domain after creating a free account on their site.


Mousefolk is a voting based platform where you need to submit your work and if approved then it’ll listed for sale and you’ll earn profit.

Stick to the Action Plan

Niche selection

Niche research is the first step towards making a successful campaign. Also, it is most time consuming task which you need to learn for dominating this business. If you are totally clueless how would you accomplish it? Well! Don’t worry because I am gonna tell you everything you acquire to go through this vital step.

Note: You should focus on your passionate topic, hobby, profession etc. for making your campaigns successful at the beginning.

T shirt Design inspiration

If you have picked your suitable niche (or niches) then it’s time to design. I suggest you to hang around online T shirt selling store so that you can determine the latest and bestselling inspiration for your campaign.


Let me give you the the best apparel brand to help you in this case.

Did I forget something?


I didn’t mention Pinterest which is the first and foremost place you should go to seek interesting quotes and design ideas. If you can’t see anything splendid then roll your eyes on these stores for your design inspirations.

Audience Targeting

You have selected your niche (niches) and made your design (designs) so far. What’s your next step now? Facebook has 1.55 billion monthly active users according to the recent stats.

Therefore, you will go for Facebook advert mostly but do you know how to set up a powerful (converting) advert campaign?

If your answer is negative, then you have to learn it from Google and YouTube. Because, I can’t show all the steps right now. You’ll find enough resources for learning Facebook advertising lessons on the web.

Don’t worry.

I won’t let you with empty hands.

These are the best guides you can follow to clear your doubts about audience targeting:

Note: If you have still any doubt then ask me  I’ll be glad to help you 

Use Online Ads to Promote your T-Shirt Sales

If you have just started and lacking on budget ( or no budget) then you may implement these following techniques to bring sales.

Facebook groups & pages: If you are a part of several active groups then you can use this opportunity to sell your T shirts. Similarly, if you’re following active pages within your niche then you can request admin (via message) to pin your sales post at top on their page.

It works if you can select an active page for your niche.

Note: But you should remember few things while doing this such as don’t send too many sale request to the admins as it is annoying. Your design should be very strong (attractive) which force people to buy like crazy.

Pay-per-click Advertising: You’ve already recognized Facebook advert. But I am going to tell you about another platform for advertising. Did you hear about Instagram?

Oh! Yes!!

Do you know Instagram is a Facebook company?

So, what does it mean?

It means you can put ads on Instagram to reach more buyers as well?

So, basically you can use both free and paid adverts now.

Are you ready to kick-start your campaign now? 

Tell me your favorite Online T-Shirt Stores in India

You’ve discovered (almost) all Indian T shirt selling brand but if I missed any important name then kindly let us know via the comment section below. If you aren’t able to make your final decision then let me highlight some aspects so that you can make an appropriate choice right now.

If you wanna know my opinion (vote) then I will go with JOAT (min. goal 3 and 5 colors) for print on demand basis and Dressify for commission on each sale (max. 5000*5000 pixels).

But, If you disagree with my answer then tell me your favorite platform and why is it your preferred place to sell your customized T shirt design?