The New York Times has confirmed the death of Vanu Bose. This is an engineer who will be remembered for the way that he managed to reimagine cellular networks. At the same time, he will be remembered for the big role that he played in ensuring that these services are accessible in the remote regions. He died at his Concord, Massachusetts home at the age of 52. Information about his death was confirmed by Judy Bose, his wife. She confirmed that he had succumbed to a condition that was referred to as pulmonary embolism. This is a condition that he suffered while he was in an emergency room with his wife and doctor. This is a man who came from a family of entrepreneurs. His father is the famous Amar G. Bose who is known for establishing the Bose Corporation. This is a firm that is based in Framingham, Massachusetts. From his early days, he was taught the skills of an innovator by his father. His father specialized in high-quality speakers and audio systems. He showed his independence when he refused to follow in the shadow of his father. Other than managing the business of his father, he established a company known as Vanu Inc. By the time that he founded this company, he was studying at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

With the new company, he embarked on harnessing cellular technology and focused on the people that lived in remote areas where there was little coverage. In some cases, there were areas where there was no coverage at all. From his knowledge of radio components and wireless networks, he was able to pioneer cellular sites that proved very effective with solar technology. This required little amounts of energy to operate. This technology became popular in some parts of the globe such as Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, Mauritania as well as Rwanda. His technology was recently used in Puerto Rico during the period when the region was hit by Hurricane Maria. He managed to donate three cellular base stations in Puerto Rico through his company. During a recent interview, he mentioned that he had been motivated by his employees. He will be remembered as a person who always had a desire to help. For this reason, he collaborated with colleagues and friends to change the world. Vanu Bose was born on 29th April in 1965. He grew up in Wayland, Mass.