Ecommerce giants such as Amazon and Google have monopolized the market making it an uphill task for small ecommerce sites to compete fairly…How can a small ecommerce site survive and thrive in this aggressively competitive industry? Google has come up with a viable solution through launching an Ad words Premier SMB Partner Program to help small and medium sized companies that lack adequate resources and sufficient time to efficiently manage their advertising campaigns. This SMB partner program is essentially a well-thought-out vendor referral program that can help small ecommerce sites interested in using Ad words. White Sharks Media is among the few hand-picked agencies by Google to be part of this highly-efficient program. This top-notch digital marketing was chosen by Google because it is not only reputable but also met Google’s stringent eligibility and training requirements.

Google attributes the success of small ecommerce sites to Google’s Ad words Premier SMB Partner Program. The few selected agencies such as White Sharks Media not only offer experience and expertise but also provide end-to-end customer service so that all their clients can focus on other important aspects of their ecommerce sites such as boosting growth and sustainability. The role of White Sharks Media is to offer full-service. So what exactly is full service? Simple! It means with the help of this digital marketing agency your firm eliminates the hassle of constantly
updating keywords, trying to track progress and ROI. Additionally, with White Sharks Media you can delegate challenging tasks such as the consistent struggle of optimizing landing pages, updating keywords or tracking progress and ROI.

White Sharks media is committed to helping you develop a thriving advertising plan that will ensure your organization succeeds and also has an edge over the competition. There are a plethora of benefits a firm can accrue by relying on this state-of-the-art advertising agency including access risk-free assessment done by Bing and Google Ads certified Specialists. White Sharks Media is equipped with knowledgeable and experienced digital marketing expert who ascertain the viability of a campaign strategy be thoroughly assessing its strengths and weaknesses. White Sharks is not merely an advertising agency but your reliable
partner who will help you evade costly beginner mistakes hence saving both time and money.

· Here is a brief but nonetheless comprehensive review at how White Sharks Media can help revamp your PPC ecommerce campaign in order to substantially boost sales

1.) White Sharks Media helps ascertain the right places/avenues/channels to advertise

There are a plethora of options but not all are effective. This digital marketing agency chooses an advertising platform that can reach the customer base you are targeting. Amazon advertising and Google Merchant Centre are currently the fastest growing
programs. By selecting the right place to advertise you are sure that your adverts are seen by the customer base that you are desperately trying to reach.

2.) To ensure your PPC campaign is successful White Shark Media’s set up unparalleledecommerce tracking

This is a crucial step sadly ignored by most ecommerce companies. If your sole intention is to truly track the accurate amount of revenue that your PPC campaign generates. White Sharks Media uses Analytics ecommerce tracking software and also ensures that all shopping feeds are accompanied with proper item prices. This highly functional software is able great visibility into the all the items you are attempting to sell. It delves into specifics by also helping determine the exact amount of revenue being made from each sale and where those sales come from. With this vital information, it becomes easy to optimize PPC ecommerce campaigns.

3.) White Sharks Media (review) takes charge of accurately assessing keyword placement and performance

When more advertisers bid your top performing keywords and placements, you will notice that the price per click also increases. However, the sales may not increase from such clicks. This digital advertising agency is equipped with knowledgeable and experienced marketers who understand that the fastest way to lose sales and credibility on Google is to use poorly performing keywords and placements. To ensure that small businesses are not overpaying for conversion, this Google approved agency starts out with benchmarking how much you are able and willing to pay. This is because any keywords and placements that continue driving a massive amount of clicks but don’t exceed cost per acquisition target are definitely not worth using. Such keywords ultimately cost more harm than good and are not worth keeping around.


4.) This innovative digital marketing agency analyses quality of content to ensure it is not only relevant but also appeals to the audience you are targeting


Advertising is a very small part of a PPC ecommerce campaign. Getting your target audience excited about the products and services you are offering so that they can click on your ad is not sufficient. It is important that you accompany a great ad with a great and irresistible landing page. You need to offer your target audience valuable information that makes you an authority in your industry and also creates the impression that you are trustworthy. Keep n mind that as a small business you are competing with big brands that enjoy a massive following, for you to attract and retain the loyalty o customers, you have to entice them, inform them and keep them updated.


5.) This reputable digital advertising agency ensures that shopping feeds are up-to-date consistently

Since this digital marketing agency is part of Google’s Ad words Premier SMB Partner Program, it definitely has an upper hand when it comes to Google Merchant Centre which essentially utilizes shopping feeds to pull appropriate information for ad words. This requires linking Google Ad words and the Google Merchant Account. Seasoned marketing experts have determined that when these two vital accounts are connected they ensure that a small ecommerce business advertises all its products in the form if shopping Ad words in Google Ad words. On the other hand if your choice of preference is Merchant Centre White Sharks is also equipped with professionals who know how to navigate and keep up-to-date with the fast-changing policies.


6.) White Sharks is equipped with knowledgeable and experienced digital marketers who carry out detailed and accurate marketing analysis to ensure your ecommerce site survives and thrives in this viciously competitive industry


When it comes to ensuring the success PPC ecommerce campaigns, nothing is more important than knowing exactly what your competition is up to and coming up with strategies that give you the advantage. This is why White Sharks Media keeps a close eye of what all your competitors are doing. This way despite the size of your business, there is no chance that you will miss out on opportunities to boost sales and earn more revenue. The aim of keeping abreast with what competitors are doing is to ultimately advertise effectively at the lowest cost possible.



Revamping your PPC ecommerce campaign can have a substantial positive impact on sales and brand awareness. It is a great idea to take advantage of the services that a reliable digital advertising agency such White Sharks Media provides.

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