Among the fastest growing digital marketing firms in the United States is White Shark Media, which offers online marketing solutions to small and medium-sized business. Their leading service is management of Adwords. The agency’s strong partnership with Google is among the reasons behind its success in offering these services successfully for many years.

A number of small and medium-sized businesses in North America lack the time, money and expertise to manage highly effective advertising campaigns, and it is at this point that White Shark Media comes in to help. In addition to bringing in years’ worth of ad campaign experience to the table, the agency also offers top-tier customer support. What all this does is leave the business owners with all the time they need to do what they do best: deliver their products or services to their customers.

A brief history of White Shark Media

Three Danish businessmen who together wielded years of experience in the industry came together in 2011 and founded the White Shark Media agency. The spirited entrepreneurs engineered a proactive and highly talented bilingual employee base that merged their offshore and domestic presence. The result of that was the thriving digital marketing agency that has helped innumerable business soar in their industries.

Always striving to be at the forefront of cutting edge innovation in online marketing technology, the agency works together with its clients to build powerful marketing strategies. What’s more, the agency likes to go beyond the bare minimum. From time to time, it tracks the progress of all clients to determine whether the performance is at par with the objectives.

PPC practices for improving advertising ROI

Vertical Measures, another digital marketing agency, recently posted an article about Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. Among the digital marketing services offered by Vertical Measures are social media marketing, content coaching, link building, content strategy, content creation, and advertising.

In the article, Vertical Measures delved into how online businesses can best improve their advertising ROI by using certain PPC practices. The agency outlines six top practices that it believes online business owners should adopt in order to improve the performance of their enterprises.

1. Choose the right platform

As is the case with other forms of advertising, such as search ads and display ads, online retailers have a number of options with regard to PPC ads online. Google Merchant Centre and Amazon advertising, two fast-growing and increasingly popular platforms, are recommended in the article.

All major players, including Google, agree that Amazon has been hugely successful, itself accounting for more than half of all growth of US online sales and 43 percent of US online revenue in 2016, according to a Still Intelligence report.

2. Maintain up-to-date shopping feeds

In the article, Google Merchant Centre served as the perfect illustration for this point as it uses shopping feeds to collect information on campaigns centered on Adwords. This provides retailers with the perfect opportunity to use shopping ads to advertise their products in Adwords.

Shopping feeds hold the product information of retailers. The information will be retrieved on the Adwords Product Listing Ads and be eventually used by Google to advertise the products of retailers.

3. Track performance of PPC campaigns

This is an essential step that many online businesses tend to neglect, which may come as a surprise since tracking the performance of campaigns should be a no-brainer. The article therefore recommends that online retailers should track PPC campaigns and monitor the earnings they generate. This would require installation of powerful analytics tools. Benefits of this include ability to determine profit making products and identifying the best performing markets.

4. Optimize shopping ads

There are five main ways of achieving this. Diversification of retail ad types (i.e., text ads and Product Listing Ads) is the first suggested way. Specific product features and prices can be highlighted using text ads, whereas Product Listing Ads are effective for competing in an ever-growing online shopping industry.

The second way involves creating effective shopping campaigns centered on retailers’ main products. Inclusion of negative keywords is the third way. It helps keep away poor quality traffic. The fourth and fifth ways are ad extensions integration and price extensions, respectively.

5. Maintain a strong competitive edge

Both online and offline, it is imperative that you keep a close eye on what your competition is doing. Otherwise, you risk being left behind as your competitors innovate their way into your market share and edge you out. The article suggests using a combination of Adwords and Google Merchant Center to monitor your closest competitors’ performance relative to yours.

6. Leverage high-quality content

The online retail space has become highly competitive, with numerous businesses offering the same product. You therefore need a lot more than a basic landing page for your products. An effective strategy for staying ahead of your competition is using web design and top-quality content to create an unmatched user experience on your landing page. Visual media (i.e., videos and images) play a huge role in offering an intriguing and memorable user experience while at the same time clearly outliningproduct specifications and other useful information.

Bringing it all together

Needless to say, comparing any two successful online businesses that successfully employ all these practices will reveal that there’s more than one way of effectively combining these strategies. Even so, implementing them has proven to be successful, if White Shark Media review from customers is to be considered.

For instance, Kevin H. from an Ohio tutoring service notes in his White Shark Media review that his company’scampaigns have shown remarkable improvement after working with White Shark services. Consequently, the service has been able to increase its reach online and boost conversion at a reasonable, justifiable cost.

Similarly, Max W, who serves in a Software company in Minnesota, has been impressed by the agency’s Adwordsconsultancy services. Having tried out numerous Adwordscompanies since 2004, he chose to settle on White Shark Media’s unrivaled service delivery. More about the benefits his business has accrued can be found on his White Shark Media review.

In conclusion, there is no doubt that talented, committed staff and years of experience of digital marketing and re-marketing are among the pillars on which the success of White Shark Media and its clients rest. The future holdeven more encouraging prospects for further growth.

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